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What do u do when whatever you have planned to do the whole week goes down in a pile of lets says Shit…..

You sulk u crib and u give the hazar gallis to whosoever is responsible.

bTw SCRIBE was playing at some Chembur english school, hmm mark of teja in a high school, this i gotta see. I had seen “naked earth” play in my school, but they were so much a trash/metal band and we never did hear a bad work other than a word called (fuck). Who says its a bad word any more.

I got back to twitter, but am already bored of it….


What up

Well its been a while since i have actively blogged, yes been posting some shitty stuff but had to. Anyways i was

    Being out – i was out almost most all of October, first birthday trip to Goa, then office off-site to Jadhavgad, then Diwali and other stuff, and just last week to a friends place to Karjat.
    Doing Noting

Well the latest is i have been installing a new operating system “Ubuntu”. Do not ask what, why, just did the update some days back and this week was all busy in getting the upgrade to Karmic Koala. Its not be easy going with it there are some issues in the upgrade and this week with watching the new episodes of “the Big Bang Theory” and “How i met your Mother”

Well its Thursday and waiting for Friday because the weekend is going to be great since many new things are going to occur. One of them is gonna set the ball running for a whole lot of things. You would have to wait for it. Its going to be ….. sh sh sh.

The post is brought to you by lekhonee v0.7

Don’t change your Stance, no Don’t

We were at this thing and someone says, you should not change your stance, never ever budge, if you are right!.

Well truth is relative, so one man’s truth could be just another person’s lies. In the same way you could be right but then tomorrow or the day after you might be proved wrong, in that case wouldn’t you go ahead an change your stance. May be that is construed on being hypocritical and it does sound that way but is not the right thing to do.

You might be so sure that you are right. But there could be someone else who puts in a point that is either better than yours or plain truth (again relative). Sometimes you could be right but there might be another argument that is also the truth in which case you can give in, well this depends on your side

I say be like like the grass, move with the wind. Do not do as the crowd tells you to do, do what is right. Listen to your heart. You might be right, but if your heart tells you the other person or goal is better than yours back off.

Something tells me i totally messed up this post. I wanted to say something, I am not sure this is being conveyed correctly but what the heck.

Show us the Hiney Shiney

Am bored of this Shiney rape case crap and its been just been one week. Why don’t people just treat him just like another accused. So what if he is a film-star, they were never a holier than thou people that people had to be surprised like holy fuck he doesn’t look like the guy who would rape someone. Well go ask the girl/guy who got raped, even they didn’t think.

Get on with life, ensure that its a fair trial and may the truth win. A little too much to ask from the Indian courts (fuck now am in in contempt as well) may be but that how it should be. How is he any different from any of the other rapists there are.

I don’t know if its a publicity stunt as well. Hope am really wrong on this one, cuz it seems a very horrible on if it in fact it is.

btw this post does not make sense on many levels, but then since i have written it i might as well post it.

Ah its a friday

I just wrote this thinkin what an amazing day this would be. Cuz its a friday. Its a weekend after this. well here are my plans for the weekend.
@work early – close some stuff that has been hanging for months.
@college – in some free time print the project mgmt notes cuz i need to study.
@personal spend some time off with my girl (may get killed otherwise 🙂 rosh 🙂 )
@college attend prof mo lecture. Amazin prof the only reason to attend b school.
@personal wonder how to be recession proof.

Short Note on Mother [Forwards]

When I came drenched in the rain,
My brother told why dont you take an umbrella with you.
My sister said why not you waited till it stopped.
My Dad angrily said only after getting cold, you will realize.
But my MOTHER,
as she was drying my hair with her saree,
was shouting
not at me

…………………….. But at the RAIN.


this came in my inbox today morning, thought would be a good share, thanks ajit

What i want!!!!!!


I want this car……


Was shown at the Mumbai Car Show.

Week replay

Oh got few days to be 26……oh like a week.

Planning to get the Goa on 2nd of October and bring on my birthday there itself. Its been a marvelous year i guess, but its been sad nonetheless. I did some pretty bad things this year and mostly not been able to forgive myself and the other person has also not forgiven me. Though i hope thats not the case.

On the other hand, the phone has become a bane. Guess i have not learnt how to say no. Maybe i should not have been thinking that the Dale Carneigie’s book “how to say no….” is a useless book.

A very slight comment though i feel is true, came up the other day that did get me thinking thru the day. It was mostly like, dude doya know that sometimes you get us to do things cuz you want brownie points, to which my answer was, believe me i dont gain any brownie points doing anything. On the other hand i actually lose a lot. But the comment made me think but i had to put it on the back burner cuz there were more burning issues coming up.

Nice guys finish last

Nice guys finish last—————

update – this was written at a time when i was mostly thinking nothing.

Funny thing in my head

Its funny and scary at the same time.

i was out wid a friend, and i really like spending time with her. Am not sure what it is. Am kinda happy for me but i am scared. The point is chances of me doing something stupid are more than me doing something intelligent.

Am not sure am looking for anything other than being good friends. but i dont wanna miss the bus again, then asking myself WHAT IF. the answer to that question sets the mind on fire.

The weekend is over, i wish i had more time.