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all abt Valentines day

I work with a team with most of em either married or hooked up for life. So V day is kinda usual for them. Me its a different day just like another day. So i get asked like whatcha do. What am i supposed to do. Go and have a dinner by myself….give flowers to myself. No man i worked …i went home. Had a nice dinner and went to sleep.

Its just another day in my life. Not that i regret it. Mmm i wonder why wont people know it. I mean if i dont have a girlfriend for 365 days how would i conjure one up on the 366 day duh!!!!

So what did u do n Valentines day…


St. Valentines Day

Its that time of the year again. its valentines day.

At my workplace am the only single dude in my team, so its kinda wierd cuz everyones wondering what to get for their partners and all. I spend my time poking fun at everything. I get comments like, wait for ur turn and u’ll learn

Being Single is sometimes really the coolest part of life then seems your in a rut.