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My Ticket

Need to frame this one.

Floyd Ticket


Dark Side of the Moon

I was today part of the greatest show on earth. The Roger Waters Concert….Pink Floyd minus the other members but who cares.

Missing it wasnst an option. I missed it long ago in while in 12th grade cuz i didnt want to travel all the way to bangalore..tis time now way..

Was at the venue like 2 hrs prior..didnt have no company fcuk goin thats all that matters.

The show was mindblowing….the visuals kickass. was in seventh heaven when the dark side of the moon was played…lol actually was on seventh right the moment the show started…and went to like 10th or 11th if they exist … well they do cuz i was there.. while he played …….

After the DSOTM set the band sayd thanks and left…..wuz like they didnt play confortably numb,,,,the show isnt over without it…

And then they come back to start with “We dont need no education” and then “vera“. lol guess on this one on what was gonna follow “Bring the boys home” which meant “confortably numb” was there………………….

Wish they reunite and the whole unit comes back….Am ready to pay 5K even for those tickets…

Waters coming to town

Floyd is coming to town, not everyone just waters.

Man am so ecstatic dont have the words to say. But wait didnt i tell my friends am coming wid them to go, but i dont have the leave to go there.

Sandeep on sunday was saying every few minutes, Floyd’s coming to town and the others were arent ya like coming to Goa.

I remember the last time floyd came to Bangalore, i was jumping a month before, told me mom that i am going to bangalore and all, she even gave me the Rs 900 bucks for the ticket. I dont know what came over me though i didnt go

Somehow goa dosent compare much to floyd.

I remember 12th grade exams when i used to put wall 1 and 2 in both decks. listen a song before going to exams and after coming back heard both the cassetes back and forth. The cassetes got worn out.

Ok i have guess made a decison – am going to the concert. Goa can wait.