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I had to do it. The optimism of time was not helping. It didnt feel right. And the euphoria seemed to be over. May be my decision had some roots in wot other folks said. But it was mine and i am wot i am

almost 2 months, this lasted. It seemed good at first, almost unreal. Today i told her that this would be best we had, nothing might go ahead of this. She says that she triggered it by her words, sure they did but that was done some days ago when she said something else. This time they made me think. What if i cant decide? What if this? What if that? Frankly i guess i will always be alone

i hope you do well. I may not be the one for you. You will get someone who deserves you. i guess i dont deserve you.

hope to talk to you tomorrow. Now am actually waiting to talk to you. Checked my cell twice for your number, then backed off. i need not make a already sad moment bad for you……


here without you

Its another christmas coming, and i miss her. Was listening to Def Leppard’s “have you ever needed someone so bad” and was like dang, songs talking about me.

Looks kiddish i know, i know she doesn’t have the same feelings for me and yeah there are lotta fish in da sea, and yeah time to move on, but only if that was so easy

Preaching is easier than Practising they say. Had long made up me mind to move on, and i try that everyday and everyday i fail. Evening comes and i keep my head busy cuz in this season my mind goes to her.

What a dummas am I?