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Radio Static

sound waves over my head
encrypted by regional bias
so much for unity
division over voice matters
tis twisting my mind
playing with my neurons
i am trying to make sense
trying hard, it gives me a headache

laughs and conversations i
feel like am out of the sphere
feels like a consipiracy
or is this me coming undone

if this a giving up, it is not
if this a surrender its is not
there cant be a white flag
cuz the paranoia does not ask for defeat

if you think, then dont
if you must act, you must
the future is murked
the smile on my face is crooked


Why am i so irritated?

I have noticed myself getting very agitated and irritated over the last few days and the same is generally at work. But its not work that i am getting at. My work i love, it is everything around it that i am getting hyper about.

Evening brought some calm, but not before the usual getting hyper during the afternoon.

Around evening i was asking myself. What is so important that i am losing sleep over. Probably there is not. I also remembered a friend once telling me, if you do not do it would everything just shut down. Just then i remembered someone saying, “if there is 5 days up and down what is the problem” No there is no problem, its just that why wait for 5 days if you can close it down now.

Well i have thought.

Starting tomorrow morning, my work is all that is for me. Everyone else has to wait in line

Concentration levels have to go up way up.

Yes there is a lot of static that i do not need to hear, so i do need to hear and that is understood. I am not your friend. Am a co-worker lets keep it that way

Before making an opinion wait for 5 seconds and then say it, may be i would find a better way to put it.

Work for 5 days so 5 days do not think about anything other than work for the 8 hours there. Post that no thinking about it.

Primary responsibility is to my head and my heart, everything is second.


TAT – Turn around time, have you heard it before? Am sure you would have, i hear it every time from the operations guys when they call me for some calls that are going to bust their tat’s et all. Some times i can help them some times i can. There are now a days when its is not supposed to be my job role (so am told) but that is another story.

I ask though another question. Why is this TAT, and why does it grow shorter every time. Am sure someone did a six sigma or time and motion study or some other course in this field and came up with this. I ask did you ask the customer on that TAT. Did you also factor quality in it?. Your answer might surprise you.

I believe in the concept, “Do it right first time” , just no reworks pls, It takes time and generally am able to get that from my users because they and i understand quality work requires time and effort. So why are these TAT’s so small and why is not quality an integral part of it. Quality never comes without a price and it is a worthy price to pay, but never in the short run, because it is always a loss. Plus the customer demands quality, generally he does not expect speed. If you send the customer sometime a few hours or a day later, believe me i do not think he/she would have a problem. Regardless of the commodity/service, the very fact the customer will get quality will make him give in to you.

Somehow this is very apparent as common sense but as they say common sense is not that common.

Why? i might say? Simple, we want everything in the short run, because as Keynes said, “in the long run we are all dead”. All the economic curves are either flat or smooth curves and we are not there to see it.

A bunch of some old and new things


#Michael Jackson.

There is an MJ special going on channel Vh1. I have not paid attention to TV that much, i know it has been going on for some days now, Vh1 wants to bring in his birthday with some specials about him.

I was watching ‘beat it’ and remembered the amount of MJ clones in school, the dance competitions wherein every year there was some MJ song. For the last few years its been quiet with controversies about him more than reality, i guess that is the price you pay for being famous. I also tried a few of the dance steps but knew from the start i was headed for disaster if i tried them on stage lolzz

MJ actually launched quite a few careers in dance for some of my friends, one of them who i am not in touch but i know he is a big shot dance choreographer in bolly-wood. People who called him names can eat shit now knowing what he does.

Man in the mirror, the earth song, beat it, bad, thriller – some of my mj favorites.


It is good, but i am not feeling happy. I wish it was because of others but i guess it is because of me. Sometimes i feel i should have the free time that some of my colleagues have. Would i not have time to learn. But then i guess more time you get, more you do things other than your goals. So i guess am better off. I have a lot of work i know that. And in a very diff way i should be happy about that. In this recessionary times, less work generally scares you. I need to get more organized than i am right now.


Am starting to wonder, when do you know what is the existence of your living. When do you find what are u in this world for? this question is quiet open. Am i not looking for clues. Am i not reading the fine print. Is it there and i am not reading them.


Harry Potter – The deathly hallows has completely bowled me over. I know the book has been out some time back, quiet a while back. Am reading it now. I had an audio book which i did listen for quite some time. Now when i finished reading this book i felt i was in the story. I love when i get so involved in the story.

Engagements :-)

My friend got engaged today. Feeling all good. Not like the week that went by

btw mira road is a bad place to be. Its an entry on to no where and every thing looks tiny match boxes