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The Goa trip

Planned, re-planned and planned again, this trip did seem like it might just get caught up in the corporate whirlwind that we are all but it was not be, slight delays and rains not withstanding we did have a decent enough to write about.

Landing and Day 1

We landed on October 1 the primary aim of that day was that October 2nd was a dry day and like last year we did not want to have a situation of no booze so me and ei had taken an extra day off to get the preps under way. So we landed up at the hotel. Nothing great but decent enuf to stay, like we were going to stay. We just needed it to sleep in the night and store our luggage and all so that was sufficient.

Our place btw was in Calangute

Right in front of our hotel was “Infanataria”, its a famed dinner and desserts bar as they call it and there was a board which said 5 beers for Rs 100. Look no further we are here. 10 pints later and some Chicken Cafreal and grilled fish and a lot of more pasteries.

— more later