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Man Utd Win Win Win Win..omfg they win

awesome was not the word i can use, i need a better word. Stupendous alright maybe that talks of the superlative performance of Man U. Yesterday. Another wonder i actually succeeded for the most part to watch the match.

around 10 mins first shot by Roma….whizzed passed van der sar. Me started cursing,,.,,few minutes after that, Carri ck

  • scored…exhilaration.

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  • Champions Liga – Manchester Utd Vs Roma

    Go the Reds..Win this one today.

    Well its an away match today. Hope they win.

    Its been a long time that i have seen a match. good ole times when i sat till like 3 watching a match and if it was against juventus then call certain people and tell him how juve stinked and how man u was a better team.

    Go giggs, scholes and the very own baby face skolsjaer.