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Don’t change your Stance, no Don’t

We were at this thing and someone says, you should not change your stance, never ever budge, if you are right!.

Well truth is relative, so one man’s truth could be just another person’s lies. In the same way you could be right but then tomorrow or the day after you might be proved wrong, in that case wouldn’t you go ahead an change your stance. May be that is construed on being hypocritical and it does sound that way but is not the right thing to do.

You might be so sure that you are right. But there could be someone else who puts in a point that is either better than yours or plain truth (again relative). Sometimes you could be right but there might be another argument that is also the truth in which case you can give in, well this depends on your side

I say be like like the grass, move with the wind. Do not do as the crowd tells you to do, do what is right. Listen to your heart. You might be right, but if your heart tells you the other person or goal is better than yours back off.

Something tells me i totally messed up this post. I wanted to say something, I am not sure this is being conveyed correctly but what the heck.


Umarache paani

30th was the paani of my friend. For people who dont know what it is, its primarily a pre wedding party of sorts, guess thrown by the parents/bestman i guess, not really sure now. Look up on wikepedia for that one:)

Well it was the first time attended one, an i tell ya it was fun.Was a work day and got late so had to time to change, dropped me bag and drove straight to his place.

After some time, of chilling and guzzlin some beer, we went dancing thru the streets, to 4 diff houses and getting water, so is tradition. It was fun fun and some more fun, we had made a big traffic pileup behind but who cared…we were just dancing 🙂

Well, ma friend had to pick up his bro-in-law so we took a break and picked and dropped him at his place and came back and joined the party back in…..

All pre wedding parties should be like the paani, wanna go dancing in the streets once again 🙂