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Final Exams [B School]

My final semester internal exams are here. 2 papers starting from tomorrow. Ethics. Environment Management and Productivity starting down at me. My will to study is more this time knowing that this is the 2nd last set of exams am to write for the 3 years spent at b-school. The second part is starting from 4th May ruining what would have been an almost picture perfect away weekend. But then i get more time to study, that is the key.

All i need now is to sit back and study and not go to sleep or laze around.


Business school :last semester: first day

Yesterday was my first day in class for the final semester at college. Well college started almost a week back but had told my friends that would start attending from this week. Monday no classes so the deal was to attend from tuesday. That was a non starter cuz the other guys didnt want to go and all. I told my friend that this semester will be regular for classes. She laughed sayin that she had a great laugh at that 🙂

well as usual i got to class at 8.15 almost 2 hrs late, same time i came in class whole of last term 🙂 thats an improvement right. A mins down i just didnt want to be there. Bored or tired i didnt know but my mind was just closed to everything the prof was sayin. I was messaging friends etc etc. Was also first to tell her enough for today. It actually was i lil embarrassin cuz i had entered class like wot 48 mins earlier. The icing was when she left us but said next class she will start at 6.30 i agreed 🙂 my classmate smiled at that. I never make it at that time and i agree to start 🙂

end was funnier. Its a combined class with another but those guys put proxies in the first class. What a bunch of whatever.:) who does that in the first class.