Monthly Archives: December 2009

Karmic one month later.

About a month earlier i installed ubuntu. It was not the best of installations not cause of the installer itself. Something to do with my hard drive itself i guess. Anyways its been a month.

love it. If i am to describe in 2 words. Yes sometime i feel you have to work a lot so get some functionality working. But love the way the software is setup. For the amount of software windows has its amazing to see how much linux has. A lot.


And the end cometh!!!!

This would be one of the last posts on this blog. Through the years i have posted lots. Read by almost nonone except a trusted group of friends. Thanks guys. But i do not have anything to post no more. There might be intermittent posts if i feel and have something to write, but do not count on it. I would be reading your blogs and commenting. btw Fb and orkut activity would be down as well. My friends have my email/phone.

Adios Amigos/Amigas!!!!