Why windows still leads and not linux

To be fair any *nix distribution is much better than any windows install, that said why does windows occupy such a huge place in everyone’ heart. For a few days back you would have noticed many fb updates with Karmic tags in it. Well i have been tinkering with linux for about a month. I had it earlier but with my isp not providing support i could not do much with it. Albeit while doing some random looking around i found an article for linux connectivity and that was the start.

So back to the topic. Why hasn’t Linux (here i mean the Ubuntu Linux, not that its the only distro but the one am using) scored over Windows

  • Device Manager
  • – Am a linux newbie i must say but i think i know a little bit to tinker around. While doing it managed to remove my network manager program and then few wierd half learnt commands later i had no network, my eth1 card was not being recognised at all. i had no clue what was wrong. Now If i was in Windows i would just about go to device manager, remove the device and reload it. Drivers back. I do not see the same in ubuntu, i know there is a way to get it and that means a lot a sudo driven changes. Mind you the average user might find windows device manager threatening, so you do not even bother asking him to do sudo commands on nix

  • Usability
  • – Seems Ubuntu usage is simple i love how apt simply gets what you need like i do not have to visit 10 sites to get the correct installer. fire up apt and ask for your program, the only problem is do not get anything wrong. Do that and it seems ur up against a huge wall of commands and tweaks

  • Out of the box
  • – For some reason there are many quirks in the ubuntu distro
    My network dns address gets overwritten by the network manager program. So everytime i boot up i need to put it. the same bug that was present in jaunty for NM not saving gateway info is still present. How the hell did it pass quality with these 2 big quirks i do not get it.

    See a computer must work out of the box
    1 – Simple configuration – most people want a pc so as to surf, chat etc etc and some social networking and shit like that it Should work.
    2 – Mistakes happen so give a way to rectify them aka device manager

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