TAT – Turn around time, have you heard it before? Am sure you would have, i hear it every time from the operations guys when they call me for some calls that are going to bust their tat’s et all. Some times i can help them some times i can. There are now a days when its is not supposed to be my job role (so am told) but that is another story.

I ask though another question. Why is this TAT, and why does it grow shorter every time. Am sure someone did a six sigma or time and motion study or some other course in this field and came up with this. I ask did you ask the customer on that TAT. Did you also factor quality in it?. Your answer might surprise you.

I believe in the concept, “Do it right first time” , just no reworks pls, It takes time and generally am able to get that from my users because they and i understand quality work requires time and effort. So why are these TAT’s so small and why is not quality an integral part of it. Quality never comes without a price and it is a worthy price to pay, but never in the short run, because it is always a loss. Plus the customer demands quality, generally he does not expect speed. If you send the customer sometime a few hours or a day later, believe me i do not think he/she would have a problem. Regardless of the commodity/service, the very fact the customer will get quality will make him give in to you.

Somehow this is very apparent as common sense but as they say common sense is not that common.

Why? i might say? Simple, we want everything in the short run, because as Keynes said, “in the long run we are all dead”. All the economic curves are either flat or smooth curves and we are not there to see it.

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