i(s)pill-ed and wasted

2 years ago started an Ad campaign for a contraceptive called “ipill”. At those moments thought as a great coming to age ad. Ok the Ad sucked but still the message was delivered at a proper time of the year, remember that time of the year where a lot of things happen 🙂 lol.

Any ways 2 years down the line, i hate everytime the ad comes up which is every few minutes on every freaking channel am surfing, and i do not watch so much TV now a days. Plus the ad sucks so back that you can vomit your own suck. How is that

Hasn’t someone told the damn company why the ad aint worth running. The ad never was good enuf and then trying to shove it down everyone’s that head and ass just aint happening and it is hard to believe that you cannot make good ad’s cuz Vodafone and airtel just made 2 of them and they are awesome.

Please do not hurt ur own sales because ur ad department cannot make more than half an ad. Re-Running it in my head a zillion time over does not make matters any good.

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  • Sam  On September 5, 2009 at 11:29 pm

    Flip the channel whenever or wherever the ad’s beong played, will ya? Simple solution..

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