Give them a Break

I entered my building, saw the watchman sleeping on the gate. A part of me asked myself why is he sleeping on the job. The other half asked me “Should he be there in the first place?” The man was over 60 years old and working as a watchman. Why would he be working in a night shift after all he is old, its his time now to rest his bones and chillax his life or what ever is left of it. I know asking him why would elicit a story whose ending i cannot change so didn’t bother just mumbling something under my breath. The watchman slid off to sleep clutching the pole. Some other person is going to yell at him for sleeping on the job.

I get mighty angry when old people have to work. I don’t see the reason. They have worked when they were young. Now its time to bask in their limelight. Maybe the kids don’t earn much. Grand parents are not to earn. They are supposed to dot on their grand children and spoil them. I would want to meet their worthless kids and smack the shit outta them. But there could be genuine reasons as well. There i would want to help but not sure how.

All in all am all feeling bad but doing nothing which on sum total amounts to zilch.

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