What a beautiful Game

Tuesday was the day when Project Mgmt paper thought of going super crazy on me. Every numerical with a theory. Like who set this paper up. Anyways one paper to go and a Manchester united match for the champions league final place.  Too good to resist. Resist i had to if i had to pass so just watched 10 minutes to the end of first half. Man what a good 10 minutes they were. Just too Classy

Well after that yesterday was a Chelsea vs Barcelona. That is one team i wont want to put Manchester with. Its a classy side, wonder why they haven’t won more trophies. Awe a 93rd winner by iniesta what a volley. Well Chelsea didn’t deserve to win anyways. Not with Drogba. He is too much of a cheater i must say.

I love football for the sheer love of the last few minutes. 10 men against 11 and they still pull an outstanding goal.

Hope they win on May 27th

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  • Sam  On May 8, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    You talk exactly like my spouse… Too much!

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