The Talk

Last week, Sunday to be exact there was a talk by the Redeempterist fathers and it focused around youth topics. I went there just to attend it, see what he might say.

Below are some pointers

  • Love is to decide to love – you don’t fall in love, you decide to honor, dedicate etc etc etc to the other person. its a conscious decision

    He told us a story :

There was this leprosy patient, who was in a far away leprosy shelter home, Most of the other patients would generally be sad and very anxious around. This man looked happy, he forever had a smile on his face.


Noticing this, the priest kept an eye on him, everyday he would go to the gate and stare outside at a particular time, An old woman would pass by, stop, look at this man, smile and slowly walk away. This was his wife. She visited him everyday regardless of his illness.

  • Don’t swallow ask questions  – we have just forgotten how to ask questions, thru school, college we are just taught to be dumb receivers of knowledge, its is assumed that we understand and can relate to it.
  • The world is rick today because we don’t think – Just as the above point, we no longer think today, if we did nothing of what is happening will happen today

i was getting late for college, so had to leave in about 45 minutes, it was good till what i did attend.

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  • legallyblunt  On March 28, 2009 at 3:39 am

    The fact that you were able to put down the pointers here, I assume that Redeempterist fathers made you ponder on their talk 🙂

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