‘Yeh kidhar Hai"

Someone asked me in the morning this question, “Areh yeh kidhar hai” i suddenly came to the edge of throwing a fit. In my head was like, what the hell do you think i am, i don’t keep any track of people, call them on the cell and ask.

Well a second later i was like pissed at myself of nearly lost my temper, if you don’t know say you don’t know. You don’t have to throw a fit on such a small thing you know.

Well i don’t get all worked up all the time, it just that certain people just trigger it.

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  • legallyblunt  On March 20, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    Keep your cool, Zach.

    Sometimes, when I feel like punching somebody with my fist because he or she aggravates me, I just control myself 🙂

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