Travelling Abroad

I admit it, am jealous when i hear people tell me that the company they are working for is sending them on a work tour to another country generally US or Europe or something, even sometimes to Australia or Hong Kong. I usually think to my self. Why not me!!!!

Maybe the grass is greener on the other side, but i don’t really care, how is it. When i joined my earlier organization, i was among the few of the 40 odd people who were getting oriented who weren’t flying to London. Though i was better off than them in other aspects but it still hurt.

Sometime back my ex tech lead, went to London, i guess on multiple occasions, if i was there i would have been travelling as well. Felt so bad of leaving that place. Well there were other reasons though why i left.

Just today someone was telling me something about how her hubby came back from a tour to a south east Asian country and i was like, not again…….

Kept asking myself, mera number kabhi ayega…..but then maybe life’s got some other plans for me!!!!

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