What do you do when the economy starts going the way that is. Every day’s paper talks about new lay offs and that too in hundreds. Its scary. I thought that our economy was shielded at least for some time. Now that some time seems to be over.

Just a couple of days back some friend told me about some lay offs at another company. Well same sector that i am in so a bit more scary than usual. Well another friend called up today. And over a bit of conversation got i got to know that there are heightened rumors as well.

I guess this time around the companies are really getting strict about low performers. Any such and chances of getting kicked out are very high. The problem actually is a little different. These things are not talked about. So in between there are too many stories coming. I guess thats tipping things over the edge. Its understood that the economy as the global one is in a precarious situation, but going over board with the rumors just does not help.

My advice, don’t tell other people that they are happening unless there is 100% surety because this just increases anxiety.

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