Wrong assumptions [Footinthemouth]

Sometimes you make assumptions and decisions by just looking. Its like "hey like look at how he/she looks maybe they are like . . . . . " must have happened to us many a time. Also post a few minutes we must have been proved horribly wrong like wtf just happen.

This happened a week 2 weeks back actually, when i went to see a movie at sterling theatre. There was this old man who came around next to me, he looked well someone in his 60’s but kind of worn out pants and a very normal shirt. He almost appeared a bit of an homeless man. Instantly my mouth seemed to mutter a bit of words for his children because i have very less patience for children not taking care of their parents.

Well any ways was wondering now if this man is going to create a scene by asking for alms or something. Suddenly another man walked in, old but a little looked better than this guy. I wondered, then almost suddenly  they both started talking in impeccable English,  they started a friendly argument on the movie slum dog that went into how we Indians are all hypocrites, and many other things. Me was like what the fcuk just happened, a foot in the mouth just occurred. Was really angry at myself that i had assumed that just because was not well dressed they were something else. This being that mostly i am badly dressed.

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  • Sam  On March 10, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    Yes i agree.. Some have even commented on Ram looking like mamma’s boy and stuff.. Would definitely love to see the expressions now when they see the toned Ram.. waiting for that day!

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