Insanely musing

From sunday been waitin to post. Its tuesday. People knowing me know such things happen with me. This year s resolutions were precisely these. Well now i have trouble remembering them as well.

well cant even think of a way to write it as in a topic to post. I could call it a writer’s block but am i technically a writer? I would question that if i were you.

let me try to re think. What did i do this week.
! Looked for some houses. Depressed that in this recession i cant afford a house.
! Watched pink panther with me girl 🙂 nice time.
! Played cricket on a sunday afternoon got roasted. Told myself start shuttin down all un necessary stuff. Oh well replaced beer with pepsi this time for the post game tradition. Next time will prefer water.
! Slept then met eas. Went to get me some pod heads but croma seems to be rippin off people. Also figured recession is in the papers. Or people have not read the meaning of it. Note to myself start saving rainy days ahead.
! Shit week ends over damm.

oh yeah eas brought some protein shit for this gym thinge. Gave him a piece of my mind. Well i hope am wrong. Also the fuckin thing cost 3.6 k. Thats a shit load.

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  • Satyajit  On March 5, 2009 at 11:28 pm


    Read ur blog for the first time….had gone here b4…but never felt lyk reading anything tht tym….eashwar is the fittest amongst all of us…roshini counted as well…:-)

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