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Who are you?

Is the question i like to ask when people say its been done for the benefit of the people. I am generally wary of people who want to do things for the good of people. Well hitler did that for the good of his people and see where that ended.


The Talk

Last week, Sunday to be exact there was a talk by the Redeempterist fathers and it focused around youth topics. I went there just to attend it, see what he might say.

Below are some pointers

  • Love is to decide to love – you don’t fall in love, you decide to honor, dedicate etc etc etc to the other person. its a conscious decision

    He told us a story :

There was this leprosy patient, who was in a far away leprosy shelter home, Most of the other patients would generally be sad and very anxious around. This man looked happy, he forever had a smile on his face.


Noticing this, the priest kept an eye on him, everyday he would go to the gate and stare outside at a particular time, An old woman would pass by, stop, look at this man, smile and slowly walk away. This was his wife. She visited him everyday regardless of his illness.

  • Don’t swallow ask questions  – we have just forgotten how to ask questions, thru school, college we are just taught to be dumb receivers of knowledge, its is assumed that we understand and can relate to it.
  • The world is rick today because we don’t think – Just as the above point, we no longer think today, if we did nothing of what is happening will happen today

i was getting late for college, so had to leave in about 45 minutes, it was good till what i did attend.

Ah its a friday

I just wrote this thinkin what an amazing day this would be. Cuz its a friday. Its a weekend after this. well here are my plans for the weekend.
@work early – close some stuff that has been hanging for months.
@college – in some free time print the project mgmt notes cuz i need to study.
@personal spend some time off with my girl (may get killed otherwise 🙂 rosh 🙂 )
@college attend prof mo lecture. Amazin prof the only reason to attend b school.
@personal wonder how to be recession proof.

The Big Bang Theory

Watching this on my computer, having some really hearty laughs.

some good links to read some good quotes

Sheldon Coopers Season 2 Quotes

Sleep Deprived

I am feeling like i have not slept for days together. I can in reality just about stay still for a few minutes and actually doze off. Am really not sure why its happening now. Maybe the answer is simple, i am not getting enough sleep but i do sleep every where else, shouldn’t that compensate for some sleep. Well i do travel like one hour to work, another hour if there is college and another to get to home from college, so sure to certain sleep there.

Guess i am just about a lot more stressed out recently. I heard someone telling me that they look at me and they see a lost out person. I am so into someone or another now a days. Sometimes i am lost out clueless feeling like a zombie, listening and doing some commands.

Totally clueless

Thoughts are running thru my head. They keep running and running thru. A variety of thoughts. I cannot keep anything on track. Its just they come and they go no reasons given no reasons asked.

‘Yeh kidhar Hai"

Someone asked me in the morning this question, “Areh yeh kidhar hai” i suddenly came to the edge of throwing a fit. In my head was like, what the hell do you think i am, i don’t keep any track of people, call them on the cell and ask.

Well a second later i was like pissed at myself of nearly lost my temper, if you don’t know say you don’t know. You don’t have to throw a fit on such a small thing you know.

Well i don’t get all worked up all the time, it just that certain people just trigger it.

Travelling Abroad

I admit it, am jealous when i hear people tell me that the company they are working for is sending them on a work tour to another country generally US or Europe or something, even sometimes to Australia or Hong Kong. I usually think to my self. Why not me!!!!

Maybe the grass is greener on the other side, but i don’t really care, how is it. When i joined my earlier organization, i was among the few of the 40 odd people who were getting oriented who weren’t flying to London. Though i was better off than them in other aspects but it still hurt.

Sometime back my ex tech lead, went to London, i guess on multiple occasions, if i was there i would have been travelling as well. Felt so bad of leaving that place. Well there were other reasons though why i left.

Just today someone was telling me something about how her hubby came back from a tour to a south east Asian country and i was like, not again…….

Kept asking myself, mera number kabhi ayega…..but then maybe life’s got some other plans for me!!!!


What do you do when the economy starts going the way that is. Every day’s paper talks about new lay offs and that too in hundreds. Its scary. I thought that our economy was shielded at least for some time. Now that some time seems to be over.

Just a couple of days back some friend told me about some lay offs at another company. Well same sector that i am in so a bit more scary than usual. Well another friend called up today. And over a bit of conversation got i got to know that there are heightened rumors as well.

I guess this time around the companies are really getting strict about low performers. Any such and chances of getting kicked out are very high. The problem actually is a little different. These things are not talked about. So in between there are too many stories coming. I guess thats tipping things over the edge. Its understood that the economy as the global one is in a precarious situation, but going over board with the rumors just does not help.

My advice, don’t tell other people that they are happening unless there is 100% surety because this just increases anxiety.

Wrong assumptions [Footinthemouth]

Sometimes you make assumptions and decisions by just looking. Its like "hey like look at how he/she looks maybe they are like . . . . . " must have happened to us many a time. Also post a few minutes we must have been proved horribly wrong like wtf just happen.

This happened a week 2 weeks back actually, when i went to see a movie at sterling theatre. There was this old man who came around next to me, he looked well someone in his 60’s but kind of worn out pants and a very normal shirt. He almost appeared a bit of an homeless man. Instantly my mouth seemed to mutter a bit of words for his children because i have very less patience for children not taking care of their parents.

Well any ways was wondering now if this man is going to create a scene by asking for alms or something. Suddenly another man walked in, old but a little looked better than this guy. I wondered, then almost suddenly  they both started talking in impeccable English,  they started a friendly argument on the movie slum dog that went into how we Indians are all hypocrites, and many other things. Me was like what the fcuk just happened, a foot in the mouth just occurred. Was really angry at myself that i had assumed that just because was not well dressed they were something else. This being that mostly i am badly dressed.