Really Clueless [Self Improvement]

Am not a advocate for much, leave alone the good things in life, but a thing has been playing in my head. i have been guilty of this a lot in the past, a whole lot of times i have done it i must confess, well i guess its time to put a stop to it.

Okay, have you noticed that many times we find ourselves talking, commenting about others, like “what the hell, they are so stupid, cant they get such a small thing done” or the various connotations of the same term, or like, “how dumb can you be” . I just caught myself talking about the same in the morning to my dad about almost the same, then caught myself, am guilty of the same and so many times i guess people have said, how dumb can he be not to get this.

Well i guess we never put our selves in the other person’s shoes, we think just because we know the whole world must come up to our level. Yes people should not repeat mistakes, yes people should be improve – but who am i to comment. This has been eating my mind from a few days. When i say dude why cant you understand – do i think, maybe i am not explaining it well. Wont it be true.

Why cant i get into the other persons shoes and try to help him improve. Well i am not saying people should not make an effort to improve. But the way is not belittling him/her. I need to get down or up to their level and figure a way to understand the other side.

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  • sky  On February 9, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    You just need patient to understand others. We’re all different from each other so don’t expect that others are of the same track as you are in.

    You don’t need to figure out why he or she is not like you or why they can’t follow.

    Take it easy 🙂

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