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Short Note on Mother [Forwards]

When I came drenched in the rain,
My brother told why dont you take an umbrella with you.
My sister said why not you waited till it stopped.
My Dad angrily said only after getting cold, you will realize.
But my MOTHER,
as she was drying my hair with her saree,
was shouting
not at me

…………………….. But at the RAIN.


this came in my inbox today morning, thought would be a good share, thanks ajit


So Far So Good [Music]

A very old album, hmm about in the early 80’s that is a Canadian released an album like this headline above. Well that was Bryan Adams. Well its a great album. Had heard it many times later. My sister had it in her collection and i had borrowed it for some time.

Well for some reason over the weekend i wanted to listen to it all over again. The whole album not just one song. Got it heard it. Man still rocks my head even now.

So far so good….so what is also the name of another heavy metal band’s album. Well both are so distinctly apart.

WE are SCREWED [Vox]

Well this phrase was used by a professor who teaches us environment management at MBA school. They were not his exact words. This was the most easiest and likely interpretation of the whole dialog that he shared with us.

Some of the slides and learning’s from the presentation were that we have just about 50 years of crude oil with us. This is an optimistic estimate. Pessimistically we have just about 30 years of crude with us. You do the math. So by about 2039 we could realistically close our oil wells for good. Practically all hell will break loose though some years before that.

He gave a very funny example to put his point. Apparently this was in some TV show it seems. An Arab was saying that his grandfather travelled in a camel, his father in a car, he travels  business class, his son owns a private jet, his son however will travel by a camel. Notice the full circle.

I have watched the movie, “An inconvenient truth” but a lecture by the professor paints a different grim picture in front.

Finally to put a nail in the coffin, he goes on like well i am old, i may have max 20 years to go. So i have oil, gas and everything else when i die. What about you.

Thought in my head “ We are so Screwed”

foot in the mouth [idiocity]

……coming tomorrow.

Theory of Relativity [Weird Connection]

1 hour spent talking to a person of interest seems like a second while a second spent putting your finger in fire seems eternity. Make a connection ?

Really Clueless [Self Improvement]

Am not a advocate for much, leave alone the good things in life, but a thing has been playing in my head. i have been guilty of this a lot in the past, a whole lot of times i have done it i must confess, well i guess its time to put a stop to it.

Okay, have you noticed that many times we find ourselves talking, commenting about others, like “what the hell, they are so stupid, cant they get such a small thing done” or the various connotations of the same term, or like, “how dumb can you be” . I just caught myself talking about the same in the morning to my dad about almost the same, then caught myself, am guilty of the same and so many times i guess people have said, how dumb can he be not to get this.

Well i guess we never put our selves in the other person’s shoes, we think just because we know the whole world must come up to our level. Yes people should not repeat mistakes, yes people should be improve – but who am i to comment. This has been eating my mind from a few days. When i say dude why cant you understand – do i think, maybe i am not explaining it well. Wont it be true.

Why cant i get into the other persons shoes and try to help him improve. Well i am not saying people should not make an effort to improve. But the way is not belittling him/her. I need to get down or up to their level and figure a way to understand the other side.

A bunch of mixed thoughts

I want to crib and that too badly. They are random thoughts well centered around something/someone. So maybe this post would sound too random or really incomprehensible. Well in that case sorry but that is the way it is so please excuse.

Well its been happening for some time. Sometimes i see invisible bureaucracy being pushed up like a wall in my face. Too many reasons given, some worthwhile some excruciatingly flimsy, but reasons none the less. It seems a bit flaky after a while when it gets thrown to you, its like in the head now what is a the reason.

Then its a part when i really get confused, what would you call your tertiary responsibility, this is where i get messed up every time, mostly i guess due to my own error in judgment. Sometimes things come around your particular skill or expertise. at times its a derived expertise which you get by doing sometime else. Like if you practice well for football you also get a better stamina. Well lets keep this example for namesake and not question it for a while. Well what i mean to say is sometimes people seem to make decisions that  particular thing is difficult, or not possible when you might think the opposite given this extra knowledge you have. Would it be correct to speak up, knowing also that it could be construed as incorrect politically and maybe challenging someone else’s work expertise. I know it would sound all in good faith but then at times you might not be part of that discussion and be branded as someone who pokes his/her nose around.

i have a bunch of more such random thoughts, these were there for some time however the recent occurring have just given the push to write those out here. Well enough for now. Laziness has kicked in.

Three Day Weekends.

Its been like eons that i have enjoyed a three day weekend. Every time such an opportunity comes i am always overjoyed that i am going to spend this weekend in the best possible way just to find it ruined due to some weird situation due to which the oh so long a weekend again sneaks thru the back door on me.

2 Weeks as we closed the Mumbai motor show, we said me/eas/ra/satz are going to Ratnagiri. Well Ratnagiri is sats hometown. Well its an awesome place from the pic that i have seen, and also satz mom is also an awesome cook, well no satz hasn’t inherited any of those genes 🙂

So with the three day weekend coming up, i was like hope this weekend does not go kaput as the many in the past that have gone that way. Well what to say it was just not meant to be. Conflicting calendars in this time ruined what could have been a awesome weekend by the beach.