The mumbai motor show

With saturday ending at 11 pm when i got home. I thought the weekend was gone 😦 and nothing good done this time. Well sunday morning cricket is there. But thats for 2 hrs the rest of the day goes in lazyin. But then my friend called to ask abt us all coming for the motor show. Well thats something to look forward to.

so it was me ram, roshini and eashwar. E btw works with the motor indus itself. Talk abt a cool job. It was my first motor show 🙂

so we reach there e got up in free wopah. First car the force india f1 car. Well yeah the team not doing good. But who cares its in the damm f1 championship. Pure love and lust 🙂 next to the bmw 6 series. If the f1 was love this was heaven. Then to the vintage, the dodge viper. My tongue was out like a puppy in front of a dog bone.:) sure love.

then it was to the mercedes and toyotas and oh yes the beetle. Its so neat vintage and time less. Retail price 20 lacs not affordable to me atleast. 🙂

there is some more abt the land rover…..(continued later cuz my fingers hurt writin this post on the cellphone.)

update : some images below
At the Motor Show 058

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