Business school :last semester: first day

Yesterday was my first day in class for the final semester at college. Well college started almost a week back but had told my friends that would start attending from this week. Monday no classes so the deal was to attend from tuesday. That was a non starter cuz the other guys didnt want to go and all. I told my friend that this semester will be regular for classes. She laughed sayin that she had a great laugh at that šŸ™‚

well as usual i got to class at 8.15 almost 2 hrs late, same time i came in class whole of last term šŸ™‚ thats an improvement right. A mins down i just didnt want to be there. Bored or tired i didnt know but my mind was just closed to everything the prof was sayin. I was messaging friends etc etc. Was also first to tell her enough for today. It actually was i lil embarrassin cuz i had entered class like wot 48 mins earlier. The icing was when she left us but said next class she will start at 6.30 i agreed šŸ™‚ my classmate smiled at that. I never make it at that time and i agree to start šŸ™‚

end was funnier. Its a combined class with another but those guys put proxies in the first class. What a bunch of whatever.:) who does that in the first class.

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