I for we

Been trying to write this post for some days now but dont find the time or the urge.

anyways without digressing, been hearing and reading and sometimes saying it myself sometimes, it was a collective issue, we failed etc etc. . . . .The phrase is good when you are addressing everyone else but when it comes to self using the word we is quite a misnomer. It somehow tries to put the blame on everyone else. We generally dont say i fucked up. We use the term ‘we’. Usually i go with the pareto principle. 80 percent issues are caused by 20percent errors.

the usual answer to this is, oh yeah this is where WE should change. There is never a point where we say i should do this from next time. I should do this. Though to the outside world yes the word team is one and to them i and we are synonymous but internally we should change the word to ensure we address the personal issues rather than burying the same under the word we

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