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Umarache paani

30th was the paani of my friend. For people who dont know what it is, its primarily a pre wedding party of sorts, guess thrown by the parents/bestman i guess, not really sure now. Look up on wikepedia for that one:)

Well it was the first time attended one, an i tell ya it was fun.Was a work day and got late so had to time to change, dropped me bag and drove straight to his place.

After some time, of chilling and guzzlin some beer, we went dancing thru the streets, to 4 diff houses and getting water, so is tradition. It was fun fun and some more fun, we had made a big traffic pileup behind but who cared…we were just dancing 🙂

Well, ma friend had to pick up his bro-in-law so we took a break and picked and dropped him at his place and came back and joined the party back in…..

All pre wedding parties should be like the paani, wanna go dancing in the streets once again 🙂


New year

A bit of things from the old year i dont wanna pass to the new year and a whole lotta things i wanna do this year.

resolutions end up being broken, so no resolutions but make a to do list and make sure that everyone is achieved.

I have learnt

Christmas and its good.:)

A little less conversation

I should be talkin less.

I for we

Been trying to write this post for some days now but dont find the time or the urge.

anyways without digressing, been hearing and reading and sometimes saying it myself sometimes, it was a collective issue, we failed etc etc. . . . .The phrase is good when you are addressing everyone else but when it comes to self using the word we is quite a misnomer. It somehow tries to put the blame on everyone else. We generally dont say i fucked up. We use the term ‘we’. Usually i go with the pareto principle. 80 percent issues are caused by 20percent errors.

the usual answer to this is, oh yeah this is where WE should change. There is never a point where we say i should do this from next time. I should do this. Though to the outside world yes the word team is one and to them i and we are synonymous but internally we should change the word to ensure we address the personal issues rather than burying the same under the word we

Christmas gift list.:)

A list for santa 🙂

# an eddifice casio watch.
# A 21 inch monitor
# a new dvd player.
# a good drop in house rates so i can afford a house.

Chinese democracy

The new album from Guns n Roses is out. Not really interested i must say. But yes i wanna hear it. Axl i still is one of the best vocal shredders. But the wait has been too long. The promo’s on vh1 sound very good.

try it out.

One way street.

I was surprised today when a number flashed on my cell. Generally its a work call. So early it was very unusual. So i picked it.

A friend of mine, an also a part time career counseller to her. A pretty bad one i guess as well. Have had a long runnin crush on her as well. Have asked her out as well. But as per her coffee yes date no. So its like am not sure. Well so i asked her for the dance which got turned down since there might be some dinner with her folks an all.

back to square one.

Still mind runs awry

Its the weekend i know and its almost over, and there’s and eerie silence in my head. There are many thoughts run around, i cant catch any of them. Am a little scared, of wot i cant figure. I am a little unsure i dont know of wot. Am a little angry, dont know why.

Its funny sometimes that you know something is wrong but cant seem to figure the same. Thats when its scary, when you know wot it is its so easy to figure wot to do,

Maybe i dread the future, yeah i dont like it cuz its blurry….. and yeah i miss a lot of people.