Staying alone.

Staying alone is a good thing. I have done it a few times in my life. These have been the recents occurences. For some reason i guess i wasn’t thought of capable of staying by myself. I guess that train of thought has disappeared. Living along though might look very different but in hindsight it does teach ya a lot of stuff.

1. Be Responsible.
With someone in the house you always have a fallback, an alternative if you may call it. When that ladder aint there, you just find way to deal with it. Otherwise the excuse continues.

2. Be Resourceful
Suddenly when you know there are more than one things to go wrong and screw your happiness you realise that resources must be managed.

Well thats a lot of gyaan, would love to write…but its boring numbing stuff….in all what i mean is stay alone for sometime…makes ya hell lot independent.

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