I was checking some browser settings when i came across some old bookmarks. These are all old bookmarks of FF1/2 and opera that somehow got imported in my current setup. was checking the huge number of old markz. Ones i kept for reference but never really used them.

Out of the blue, one stuck me. A very old link that brought back a lot of memories. The past sure is full of colors when seen from the melochromatic lenses of today. Things you did. Things you wanted to do and the things you did but regretted doing vice versa and ecetera. Its funny you think the past make so much difference. But if things turned out right does it mean the past was alright. Or are things alright. Who makes the decision.

I was so unsure of things as they went. Taking decisions on the flow, some of which i guess i regret, but i guess in the end it doesnt even matter. I wonder if i took that decision would be good for me or the people around me. As Nicholas Cage in NEXT says if he make a decision after seeing the next 20 seconds the future again changes which means knowing the future doesnt mean anything.

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