the day that went.

Had a very wierd feeling today. Sitting at lunch with my collegues. There was a cricket game. i no longer follow cricket. My team mates were busy discussing scores. I didnt really care. I wondered if it could be different.

Then it happened, i thought i saw all me old friends from previous workplaces, all the cool ones. i know its was a mirage. i think i saw a couple of girls staring at me like whats with you freak. All the ones i loved hanging out wid and with whom i spent an amazing time. And i missed them. for a moment i remembered the start up i worked for. The lunches we had…five spice..britiania…awesome man.

Was talkin to sam the other day, was telling her that sometimes if you want something bad, the universe kinda conspires with you to get it for you. (the alchemist). Maybe it was doing the same thing for me

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  • Sam  On October 20, 2008 at 10:14 pm

    This feeling has not stopped here either! Its getting spookier by the day! Will call u n share something, really eerie…

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