Monthly Archives: October 2008

And they say its recession.

I wonder who said that we are in a recession, looking at how the crackers go bust i surely don’t feel like it. Well heard of the credit crises, the jet lay off and volte face, the king of good time asking a pay cut and a few brokers kicking the bucket. Thought i would turn diwali low key this time. Maybe people would just celebrate with the essentials – Family, Friends and Sweets incl da beautiful rangoli, diyas and lights.

the crackers still are at it noisest best.



Super Thanks to all my friends for all the love and affection……on me birthday.

Thanks for all the gifts as well…

you guys are the best.

of marriagable times

Why does every nth person has to ask me. Dude when are you planning to get married. Why now….wont i inform all you guys when i do.

Cant you just wait and watch

First Bug entry on Google Chrome

I logged my first bug report on google chrome. Wow i feel nice. Hunt them bugs and fix em up. Oh what a wonderful world


I was checking some browser settings when i came across some old bookmarks. These are all old bookmarks of FF1/2 and opera that somehow got imported in my current setup. was checking the huge number of old markz. Ones i kept for reference but never really used them.

Out of the blue, one stuck me. A very old link that brought back a lot of memories. The past sure is full of colors when seen from the melochromatic lenses of today. Things you did. Things you wanted to do and the things you did but regretted doing vice versa and ecetera. Its funny you think the past make so much difference. But if things turned out right does it mean the past was alright. Or are things alright. Who makes the decision.

I was so unsure of things as they went. Taking decisions on the flow, some of which i guess i regret, but i guess in the end it doesnt even matter. I wonder if i took that decision would be good for me or the people around me. As Nicholas Cage in NEXT says if he make a decision after seeing the next 20 seconds the future again changes which means knowing the future doesnt mean anything.

the day that went.

Had a very wierd feeling today. Sitting at lunch with my collegues. There was a cricket game. i no longer follow cricket. My team mates were busy discussing scores. I didnt really care. I wondered if it could be different.

Then it happened, i thought i saw all me old friends from previous workplaces, all the cool ones. i know its was a mirage. i think i saw a couple of girls staring at me like whats with you freak. All the ones i loved hanging out wid and with whom i spent an amazing time. And i missed them. for a moment i remembered the start up i worked for. The lunches we had…five spice..britiania…awesome man.

Was talkin to sam the other day, was telling her that sometimes if you want something bad, the universe kinda conspires with you to get it for you. (the alchemist). Maybe it was doing the same thing for me

On the wrong side of right

I have seen this quite a lot of times but have been dumb enough not to notice. the outcome of which is a path of self doubt and denial.

at matters of the heart i feel i am more of a kid, a spoilt kid in fact. I approach everything in terms of the heart like a kid sees candy. Planning and dreams of a lot of things. As usual it gets over, reality kicks in and my mind cannot reconcile this the kid the spoilt kid kicks in. Running away. Owning no responsiblikily


Goa, best pals, booze, beaches, babes….need i say more 🙂