Week replay

Oh got few days to be 26……oh like a week.

Planning to get the Goa on 2nd of October and bring on my birthday there itself. Its been a marvelous year i guess, but its been sad nonetheless. I did some pretty bad things this year and mostly not been able to forgive myself and the other person has also not forgiven me. Though i hope thats not the case.

On the other hand, the phone has become a bane. Guess i have not learnt how to say no. Maybe i should not have been thinking that the Dale Carneigie’s book “how to say no….” is a useless book.

A very slight comment though i feel is true, came up the other day that did get me thinking thru the day. It was mostly like, dude doya know that sometimes you get us to do things cuz you want brownie points, to which my answer was, believe me i dont gain any brownie points doing anything. On the other hand i actually lose a lot. But the comment made me think but i had to put it on the back burner cuz there were more burning issues coming up.

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