What am i doing

i wonder if i am bag of bullshit. Nah i guess am not but some times i just feel that i am all gas. I can talk the best crap that comes. I can talk for hours of how and when and why things should be as they should be but when it comes to doing that i suck of best withdraw. Wait before you tell me that i am not you know how it is, but i am and you must agree.

Am sure i could be many of the things i wanted to be but all the procrastination has done me in all the time and being lazy. I guess this has been quoted here like a huge number of times. see i even dont keep track of things. Then i tell people, oh i forgot and all that. but truth is i am just too lazy and selfish.

Well i forget birthdays, why… i don’t think its because i generally forget things but because i am just lazy.

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