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From: Dolphy D’Souza
To: contact@bcsabha.org
Cc: Vinod Noronha
Sent: Friday, September 12, 2008 5:49 PM


RE: Christian Schools in Raigad District targeted by the local Education Department as they were closed on August 29 in solidarity and support of the Orissa victims.
The Bombay Catholic Sabha [BCS] demands that this circular [copy enclosed ] is immediately withdrawn. Demands the immediate suspension of the concerned Education Officer. Wants adequate police protection for the School Institutions / Personnel in Maharashtra
BCS to launch agitation if this is not done immediately.

We are shocked at the ridiculous circular issued by the Block Education Officer Raigad District questioning the patriotism and nationalism [ copy of the circular enclosed] and summoning the school principals for a meeting on September 16 to discuss questions which are as follows:
1. Is the national anthem sung in your school?
2. Are the lessons on Saints taught in the school?
3. Is Religion taught in your school?
4. Are the pictures of the National Leaders displayed in your school and where?

We are equally shocked that this circular was issued under the pressure and direction of the local Zilla President of the BJP.

We need to know the following from the Chief Minister / Education Minster of Maharashtra:
1. Is this Circular issued under the direction of the Education Minister?
2. Is this Circular being issued selectively to the Christian Schools?

We need to respectfully advise the concerned Government Authorities that the Christian Institutions are protected under the Constitution under Article 30 which stipulates the rights of the minorities to establish, administer and run the Institutions of their choice.

We do not have to put the badge of patriotism on our shoulders as the work of the Institutions and Personnel is committed and involved in nation building by educating the children of all communities.

We therefore demand the following:

1. Immediate withdrawal of the said Circular.
2. Suspension of the concerned education official
3. We fear for the safety of the Institutions and the Personnel. Adequate police protection for all the Institutions in Maharashtra.

Needless to say, if our requests are not complied with, than the The Bombay Catholic Sabha will have no options but to launch a public agitation to protect our rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

Best Regards,
Dolphy D’souza
St Michael’s Church,
Mahim, Mumbai 400 016.
Tel: 24463853 / 9820226227
Email: president@bcsabha.org

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