Untitled XIX and XX

Trying to work these below in workable songs….

brown eyes, black hair
something that i like
super wacky an lil miss bitch
seems just made for me

too near yet too scared to go
near as that might wake me up

dream inside another dream
will this sort out the issues
or she will complicate this further
do it should i let it go
the flood of thoughts make me numb

too scared


i know i will survive you
thats the clue i have for you
but it seems that you dont wnat to
give it one change and let it flow

if the road gets hard i will help you
to walk around the stones they throw at you
maybe in the end there might be none
but you still will have me next to you

oh i wonder why cuz
i dont know why i feel so
is it just me who think so
help me with this so we grow

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