Fool is me :-)

Had to meet a friend of mine and she works in gkp so like had to take a bus from my workplace. I had promised myself that i leave at 6 but as it happens i left at 7. So came out and saw on available busses for like 10 mins. Then i ltd bus arrives so got in it.

As time am luck would have it, it went thru some crowded means you dont stop at stops lol.:) so this girl sits next to me. She is rather cute looking. Am like okay 🙂 its a good day he he. so am like thinking of a conversation starter.

the traffic seems to go on and on and then i start. he he. So we like were waitin and all so she decides to get down. Another 2 minutes i got down as well. Met her again asked if she is going to the station. She said yes and we were on. Talkin walkin. Damm the station came.

station came she said oh nice meetin you. Said like wise and moved on.

i could have asked her name. Maybe number maybe coffee.. No i chose to walk. Ah ah ah. And guess what it struck me today morning all this. Darn.:-)

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  • cia  On August 14, 2008 at 11:47 am


  • Sam  On August 18, 2008 at 8:24 pm

    u have all the time in the world u meet eveyrone but ME… am stopping talking to u and calling u……

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