Of Marriages

Is it compulsory to get married. You get married when you feel like and you have someone that you want to spend the life. Now Fast forward to my parents. I went to a wedding. Took some pictures. Was showing them to my mom.Big Mistake.. she started talking abt me getting married. She is like gosh you gotta be married by Dec 09.Oh man its just a year away.

Was stunned…though this topic has come up like a kzillion time (hundred time a zillion). Again had my standard answers. But why is there so much a compulsion to marry. Are you not suppose to marry the one you love rather than love the one you marry. It takes time to understand people. Anyways its useless…the same questions are fielded and i have the same answer..the result is the same..keep those answers ready the next time….

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  • Sam  On August 4, 2008 at 8:32 am

    u r rite. pl D-O N-O-T make the mistake of marrying just for the sake of ur parents…. for more on this u know what…..

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