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Untitled XVII

craziness for a moment
lived for a lifetime
a mistake of sorts
paid by pawnin the soul

power of the mind
unable to bridge the void
an emptiness streched thru
the everlasting realm of time

you wish you did the the right thing
you know you would have done it
but that is if you knew what was right
the wrong was all you had on to live on


Party time

Janus is hosting his birthday party today. Same place as everytime. hmm its been some time that i hvae partied. but somehow i dont feel that moved towards to it. i mean just the partying thing

i just wanna spend my weekend playing football


Prof was talkin abt some things abt needin dust free environ for computin and also some old winchester disks and dust pollution on them.

just remembered how we used to line up before the computer class in 5th grade when computers first came to class. We had to remove our shoes and them entered. We liked it a lot cuz it was an ac room, our classes were not.:)

learnt creatin cards then some app called wordstar and lotus 123. It was so fun boots were quick. The disk was huge lol it had 512k a wow in those times 🙂 and all.

at my current work place i still work with a system that looks like the grand ole era. The command line interface that is 🙂

Fool is me :-)

Had to meet a friend of mine and she works in gkp so like had to take a bus from my workplace. I had promised myself that i leave at 6 but as it happens i left at 7. So came out and saw on available busses for like 10 mins. Then i ltd bus arrives so got in it.

As time am luck would have it, it went thru some crowded means you dont stop at stops lol.:) so this girl sits next to me. She is rather cute looking. Am like okay 🙂 its a good day he he. so am like thinking of a conversation starter.

the traffic seems to go on and on and then i start. he he. So we like were waitin and all so she decides to get down. Another 2 minutes i got down as well. Met her again asked if she is going to the station. She said yes and we were on. Talkin walkin. Damm the station came.

station came she said oh nice meetin you. Said like wise and moved on.

i could have asked her name. Maybe number maybe coffee.. No i chose to walk. Ah ah ah. And guess what it struck me today morning all this. Darn.:-)

32 Ways to make someone happy today.

A very good article i found while surfing on my rss feeds today. Read it here if interested. ### 32 ways to make a person happy###

Engagements :-)

My friend got engaged today. Feeling all good. Not like the week that went by

btw mira road is a bad place to be. Its an entry on to no where and every thing looks tiny match boxes

Of Marriages

Is it compulsory to get married. You get married when you feel like and you have someone that you want to spend the life. Now Fast forward to my parents. I went to a wedding. Took some pictures. Was showing them to my mom.Big Mistake.. she started talking abt me getting married. She is like gosh you gotta be married by Dec 09.Oh man its just a year away.

Was stunned…though this topic has come up like a kzillion time (hundred time a zillion). Again had my standard answers. But why is there so much a compulsion to marry. Are you not suppose to marry the one you love rather than love the one you marry. It takes time to understand people. Anyways its useless…the same questions are fielded and i have the same answer..the result is the same..keep those answers ready the next time….


ok 2 ideas i have go…

1)   A mobile application to integrate my phone to google calendar so i can sync my phone task manager with google calendar

2)   A mobile/windows app to change statuses on all my messengers/social apps status update section.

Update – Social Apps – > FaceBook, Orkut etc etc…they have status….