Monthly Archives: July 2008

Of music :)

Have got this re likin for alternative music again. Not like i didnt like em before. Seems beck is releasin a new album. Years ago the song ‘loser’ which was amazing IMHO. Its funny how music goes out and comes back in style in the head. The songs i grovved as a kid now i do again termin it as retro.:)

the main stay on my pod though is house and also on weekends. David guetta hmmm amazin. The thing is if you sit with a guitar you create tunes. Wonder how they do it just by sitting on a studio comp or way ahead live with the crowd.

check out david’s fuck me am famous track list. You just wanna dance till ya drop.


what a bunch of todo’s :)

if you live then you have a to do. At work, home and everywhere else. At work we keep a list in a diary, on a paper and in worst case scenario – in our heads (my fav place) and my legendary brain keeps awesome track of it.

As with todo’s we fail at them on of the reason is that we cant concentrate on one..i sure cant..i write like tonnes of stuff on my diary..and then i end up reading this tat and some more email…its been working though…rank the task as per their importance…and close…

got this new site via guess but its awesome….Now Do this. Kinda does the work of making me concentrate on one task at a time…

kinda a good thing, i managed to run thru a lot of tasks incl replying back to a lot of email

A touch of madness

you gotta try this and tell me what it does to you. put on your favorite tracks on winamp (or any player you can find). start the music…shut your cell…and any distractions……

dance like a madman (woman) ….. arms stretched as if in a trance….u might slip into one…and see the difference when you stop…

all it took me was money (floyd), baba-o-riley (who) to send me out….

its a headrush….dont care what the worlds tells your..let it go suc a egg if they hve too…and continue it …. it works on ur mind like no other……

if you find it does something lemme know…

(update – if you are doing this …u might get labeled as a looney..etc etc…. at ur own risk…and dont do this where there is furniture)

Brand new idea

got some ideas, will dedicate each day of the week to a post on a general topic of mine. am sure in the insane mind of mine i can come up with 5 topics. each for a day of te week….sats and sundays are free days….insane musings can take over.

Here i guess would be the write-list

  • Monday – Technology
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Unititled VII

    a color black
    streaked by shades of grey
    the blood red sky
    the blackened sun
    all thanks to mr man

    electric chair for the holy
    a garden of thorns for the righteous
    make a one of gold
    just for the asses you have licked.
    and the souls you have killed

    under the guise of humanity
    the savages roam
    eager to rape ya
    to the last drop of your soul
    lest you forget
    you were never meant to be

    TGIF :)

    People are actually asking me abt my blog and why aint i more regular on the post. Well its just one person. Anyways feels good. Although it doesent matter who reads and who doesnt if some one actually does it feels good.

    Well anyways have decided will cover one topic of post everyday. which means 5 posts for 7 days….fridays and sat shutdown

    Anyways TGIF 🙂 finally….its am friends bachealors party tomorrow…hmmm are u supposed to take anything out there..

    of unrelated news

    planned an outing ma friends… friend plans her engagement…same day

    my friend plans his wedding…….ma friend plans her wedding……..same day

    diktat to me …..make sure you come for everything…

    of insane musings

    i watched jaane tu ya jaane nah…..liked it a lot…..wondered as well ….movies can mimick reality but they deviate in the end.

    movies i guess want us to see how the best case scenario would be. Most of the time i would say the ending was cliched, but i wanted to see it. i wnated them to be together.

    Reality, cannot cuz the paramter do a re-zig and come back with a variance. And thing they forget to mention BALLS!!!!!!

    Sunday morning

    Ah its a sunday. 8.20 am and i am headed to college. There i see my weekend going up. I have doing anything other than the minimal i do so i can be ready for work the next. Now i cant 😦

    my resolution still stands no beer. But had vodka yesterday. So gotta reduce that as well.

    Untitled XVII

    a case of might,
    random delight.
    shows no signs of stoppage
    all efforts prevail

    nights full of booze
    brains numbed to the core
    a brazen lack for desire
    setting the house on fire