A Terrible Fate

I went to the doc today, they have been calling me for quite a few days now. so went there at 7 pm. Was late but got the doc, shes wa a cute one, married 😦 lolzz.. Coming back i walked past another section towards home i saw a few shanties next to garden. First thought what the hell are these guys doing there. then it set in, looking at the wallks, they werent walls, they were jus sheets only abt 4 feet tall. People are expected to stay here; well no body would but then these guys dont have a choice do they?

Its been raining the whole day today, big of heavy showers, it almost 2 am in the morning, and its raining, amsure as a lot of people snuggle inside the sheets cuz its getting lil cold, many of em will be worrrying abt if the waters would coming inside their house!!!

What a people are we, all the money to spend on cars, clubs, booze but not enuf to house the multitude who dont have a decent roof on their heads

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