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A Terrible Fate

I went to the doc today, they have been calling me for quite a few days now. so went there at 7 pm. Was late but got the doc, shes wa a cute one, married 😦 lolzz.. Coming back i walked past another section towards home i saw a few shanties next to garden. First thought what the hell are these guys doing there. then it set in, looking at the wallks, they werent walls, they were jus sheets only abt 4 feet tall. People are expected to stay here; well no body would but then these guys dont have a choice do they?

Its been raining the whole day today, big of heavy showers, it almost 2 am in the morning, and its raining, amsure as a lot of people snuggle inside the sheets cuz its getting lil cold, many of em will be worrrying abt if the waters would coming inside their house!!!

What a people are we, all the money to spend on cars, clubs, booze but not enuf to house the multitude who dont have a decent roof on their heads


of stupidity and men

i wonder how/i wonder why………… goes a song by the name lemon tree by an artist – Fools garden.

I wonder wtf are some people doing and wtf are a lot of stupid people doing following the former. There are always a few numb nuts in this country (read politicians) and a whole of dumb nuts…(read their followers)

I cant follow any party.

of life, death and other matters – this week that was

I had lost the urge to write. hmm so you haven’t seen a lot of posts coming thru, the rage is there the will to write isn’t. shakey at the least.

this friday i got a message from a friend that another of our friends dad is unwell and serious and that she was alone in the hosp. Classic procrastination on my end meant that i waited for another 30 mins or so thinking i would finish my lunch and call. 30 mins later another message popped up. Her father expired. All i needed to do was call.

Went to the funeral on saturday. Death is mysterious, scary as i discovered when i went to church, very low key service and it kinda makes you think.

Would i want someone to grieve when i am dead, yes maybe but just for a while, maybe a minute, then bringin the beers and some house 🙂

BMC – Bastard Municipal Corporation / CR – C#$%#$ Railways

if ya see the link, means am gonna be opening a can of whoop ass…if ya below under the legal age of swearing…this post is parental guidance….

had a meetup wid some friends @ 5 spice yesterday. So its a saturday and i am lazy…got up early..surfed … showered (hard thing to do) and went to the station.

12.50 train….10 mins late….then 15 min late…then fucking the hell was the train 10/15 late if it was canceled….talk abt modern comm

Took the train…it halted outsite byculla station…looked like a pool of water..formed…20 mins..then it crawls out…out of the station and whadya see..tis a lake….wtf…where did the tracks go. ooh there they are under 2 feet of water….lol we are so fucking prepared man…

oh yeah we are prepared to clean the rubbish when it floats…now i get it…damm dumb me….fucking numbnuts..

so ma train rolls into sandhurst road…stopped under the bridge…ma nose threw a tantrum…the place was stinking…garbage mixed wid water…neat combo for the nose.. the railways folks are cleaning up frantically….where tfk where ya went it was dry…they were doing it without any protection…that job is straight route to the grave….you have no clue what is freaking shitso…is in that water…

so the train rolled…now we got bumper to bumper train flow…with line 3 stuck…the motor man ..wondering asd if he like just woke up and found him self in the middle of water..not hsi fault…his office is just filled with more numb-nutz..not his fault…how the fuck can he drive a train …when he cant see the track….

so now we a rolling at .0005 kmph we reach masjid bunder…

was supposed to meet up at 1.30 …its 2.30….and its raining…one station to go..but me already tryin to cut losses trains halting…got out of the train at the station..caught a down train to ma place…

ah man…when is this gonna fucking change man…was 26/7 not enuf…fuck the commissioner says …we didnt anticipate that much rain…lol it rained as much i pee…

this cannot go on man….this cannot fucking go on…fuck the bmc/fuck CR….

Untitled XIV

my request, your mind
my pain, your kick
my mouth, your fist
my need, i please

require to please as you need
so much not to ask but demand
my hurt, lost among the walls
ma rage, waiting for revenge

my head, your mind
my soul, lost in a hole
my mind, stupid concubine
my heart, super clandestine….

Untitled XIII

there was a boat by the sea
its presense going unnoticed to all
except the might sea
there is a sudden calm as she moves
cutting thru the water
the sea letter her pass
respect brings respect
and both seem to understand

the boatmen checks the horizon
then at the fish net that he just brought up
the hunger of his children
strives him further
one look into his wives eyes
he know he can go a million miles
just to dry those tears and
never let them flow again.

lazy lazy thing

I joined the gym a few days back. As of now i am 2 days gone, 3 killer start ;). Some how i dont know why and how i cant keep it. Okay for the last 3 days was stuck at work making sure those reports gonne come correctly or am gonna be joined the unemployed list pretty soon :((

Anyways, not sure but i have a feeling got no will power to push forward with anything. I feel like a person whose waiting for things to happen to him and now going an getting it done.