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Mr bad presenter – pure amateur stuff

I had to present a topic today. Basically part of the class project that had to be done.

my topic for the set was ‘testin an uat ‘ . was lazy in the makin of the presentation. But i do good presentations. The time limit was 10.

now i dont know what happened here but i guess got jittery. I dont know why. Its something that i have done time an again. Its not that just woke up and presented. I do so many times. This was just pure amateur stuff. Need to sit today and make notes on this.


Fuckface incorporated

Ok another series of bombs an all the politicians commenting. They wanted to tear the moral fabric. Well deja vu. .

how many times do you want it to happen for you to wake up. You the fuck face and i mean you mr party candidate. Dont bother changing names of the cities. They aint no one there. The last bombs killed them all

wake up you sleepin people. You are raped by the same people you ask for help.


Do you know who you are….do you know where you come from. do you this and do you that.
Are you asking me what i wanna be or are you telling me what i should be.
is this your idea of moulding me into another you

Welcome to the jungle

Was walking back from work as i always do, i get the flyover junction. Just was about to hit the junction the traffic lights switch to green a huge pile of traffic started moving. The song on my ipod was playing, in fact it was playng for a minute or so but i hadnt noticed, the blaring and honkin growing louder, then suddenly Axl Rose started screaming….Welcome to the jungle, it then hit me. We are in one aint we.

Am watching floyd special…and david gilmour is playing the version of time..i know what the next words are

“You run and you run/catch up with the sun but its sinking
racing around and cometh behind u again
– Time :: Pink Floyd

Do you make the connection, i think i do but do i care…

Totally Useless

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