Eyes open wide but cant see a thing…………..

One thing i have seen as difference in Western line and central line trains…on the western line there is no board or writing that say…pls dont keep feet on the seat…Central line has this board. Why…is it a over holier than thou attitude by the Western folks, i dont know but yeah whatever…Thats not the point am tryin to make.

Had to go to coll at 6 pm today but was late as usual..so ran up to platform 6 and caught the train, albeit once the train started,,,,

I walk up inside to find a seat to sit….and there is ample place..just then a married lady…sitting as if she fuckn owns the place…wth the feet on the seat..man ma blood just boiled. I didnt wanna say something cuz i would have said a lot. So i just went to the seat…she put the leg down but then i kinda made this ewwww yeeaks face with a sound to match..

She look at me with a face..an angry face..i had a disgusted look at my face…cuz i made such a face like..where the fuck do u think ur keepng ur dirty frigin feet woman…

Man i dont care what kinda shoes u wear, or watever..u wear on ur feet…i dont need ur feet to be on the seat..which school do these folks go..or did they go at all!!!!

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