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A view from the marina

I had college today, was a lil bit earlier, so went an sat on the drive, put my pod off. I wanted to hear the early morning sea. It feels like it talks to you if you pay attention. I looked around though, big tall bldg’s coming across Malabar Hill and then this came.

You look at the sea,
the waves kissing below your feet
Towers rising on the east
A perfect view they say
can be seen by the night

How if wish i had one of those,
views through my eyes
its a dream owned by many
but drowned and massacred by price

Then, i sit and watch,
waving breaking in a bright white froth
The rock breaking their mighty ride
boats by the horizon
sailing with or without a cause.


Sixth fucking Pay Fucking Commission

You gotta be surprised at the stoppids they called Government. 40% pay hike. they must be fuckin kidding me. I dont remember when i used so many “F words in a single sentance but this is outrageous. Fucking outrageous i say.

Can any member of such an outstanding commission explain a rationale for such an awesone recomendation…i would like to see it

Well let see 3 national holidays…well moron are u telling us 3 working days or 3 holidays for everyone…and a 5 day week. one work the one day they arent at office and 5 days of rest…

Mega “fucking” deth

Few months back we knew there were rumours that megadeth would be coming to bangalore, me, ram, Satya, eash said we are going. Then we had someone saying dreamth is coming. I was estatic, well haven’t been such a big fan of deth, but like the rhythm love dream though. Finally the truth, only deth was coming.

I told ma boss and now he just asks…Which band is coming, hehe too cool a guy to work under, Lol will have to make my new boss abt these musical tastes I have 😉

Neways cut to Friday….

Morning, 14th Feb….Airport.

Some Metal heads around. Banga-looo-ru airport….Seems good..Bum-bai domestic airport spik and clean….I was like whooo …What happening here..Three cheers for private players…


Traffic cop speaking english and eager to help new comers into the city…Traffic cops in bombay…Learn pls…(as if they read ma blogs)…Well got to out place without hassle


Dressed up in shorts some pics…etc… down we reach palace grounds…man…too cool..booze inside the venue..Hehe I called suyog…and what to say …no queues at the gates…even better…bombay metalheads and organizers this one up as well…

Indian Acts..

Good show…really liked how these bands have progressed playing originals…too good…now its even better to hear good original music…super cheers to prestroika(they played before we entered), motherjane, millennium, thermal and a quarter (too good bruce lee mani) am already become a big fan of your guitaring…Pentagram…just unlucky that they came before machine head and megadeth. Sorry guys….

Curtain Raiser :: Machinehead.

Pure super fast trash/death – lotsa reference to 86, headbang like it was 1986…wonder why maybe cuz they were formed then. Well they played well, but then i didnt understand a word david flynn sang. but he said he had no idea that we were had such a big metal community, well what to say….learnt late but wtf…u learnt 😉


Then the chants started…mega fuckin deth…mega fuckin deth….mega fuckin deth….mega fuckin deth…mega fuckin deth…mega fuckin deth……then sme stage technicians came..and they got a big roar….then some other folks came up they got a roar..hell when they brought shaun drover’s drum kit, on the guys was turning around and waving his hand…even he got a roar….

Tired standing but waiting…lights go off…roars goes louder….then megadeth starts..hey what happenend to the sound….man the first song was disaster on sound…but then it got better,,,,

Rest of the songs..were a breeze…Dave saying sorry for the delay and lets start some music…and hell they did…it was super to see the folks head banging…..

and then we were in a mosh…how it started i dont know…put my cam straight to my pocket…and jumped in….on hand on my pocket..lest someone goes for the that thing…and it was just tornado of souls…

More abt the concert…killer….too cool..mosh pit at the end ….stupendous….holy war..mechanix…wars…solo at burnt eyes….amzing…

2 Weeks ago

2 Weeks ago, i went to make sure there were no post productions issues.

last week i got a very pleasant surprise. An my mom as well :). Then sunday was a another day completely. Starting out to be a whole day college thing turned out to be an amazing evening with a really nice person 😉

The whole week has been a breeze. Guess weeks been very profitable to my phone co. It has made a lot of moolah on my behalf. We both been thinking. Are we going too fast too fast. I dont wanna crash land this time.

I was looking at some completely different things to happen, but it seems life seems…