Different Shades of grey

Was booking some train tickets yesterday. As usual there was a big queue before me. Put my pod low volume, i like to watch people behave the way they do in such situations. Most people know the drill, wait in line, mutter something abt being late inside their mouths then take their tickets and move on..Very few say hmm thank you to the ticketing guy.

Now there is this guy who was like 7th or 8th in line, suddenly yells in hindi “tell these guys to open up another counter”. Kinda an offhand comment, People looked up, sme smiled thru the corner of their mouths, then went back. A minute later he is like, “Tell him , he is from lalu’s town”. This raised a few eyebrows.Then a person opened his mouth, what is the use, where are the people. people just laffed at this.

My line went ahead, had just 2 folks ahead of me, the line just halted for a few seconds, a college kid had some problems with his college concession pass. Another man in the queue muttered, these people get only this timet o come or wot…hmmm me wondered , what would it be if tis guy had some mistakes in his pass..neways tat got sorted and everyone was on his way back…

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