Monthly Archives: January 2008

Of malls and all. . . . . . .

When i was like in school, my favorite sitcoms were boy meets world, blossom, samurai cyber squad etc etc. .

one of the things used to see were big lines to mall and them saying like “lets meet at the mall and all that…

so now when i passed Rmall on way E’s house there was like a line to get into the mall. And it was long. people were actually waiting in line to get into a mall. I think i have seen it on earlier days but this somehow hit me…

its been a cultural rebellion in 20 years since i first saw cable in ’91.


Who are you?

Who are you. Who who. . . Who who.

those are the first words of the song by “the who” . Brilliant song i must say. Been tryin to figure that out since some time. Tell me if you look in the mirror, what does it make you feel like?

Do i, can i. Should i

Have you had all these questions struck you in the same sentence?

then have you also realised that the moment you decide the answer to this you are told its not your place to decide.

Too much a begining .

Well had certain ways in my mind on how this year should be shaped. My way.

it seems i had told sam that my life lacked any adventure. I dont remember that. But then i dont remember anything. well i guess i spoke too fast too soon.

got hit by not one but 2 in the span of a week can you believe that.

i was a lot paranoid abt a lotta things. A lotta thought process went into doing anything and everything. Guess i let my guard down.

well what to say, lesson learnt. Keep them firewalls up and running.

Listen or find solutions.

I dont know if i heard this from someone, read abt it somewhere or something, i don’t know.

“Women will listen when other women/men will confide something, while Men will start giving you solutions when a man/woman talks to them about something”.

I don;t know it this is true or anyone has done some studies for this, but i found myself doing exactly what this says. Me went for a solution mode. i know the story but still went giving advice on what my friend should do and all.

Would a girl done the same if i had told her my problems. I sure have seen lin, listening for a long time before advice. so has Sam.

Point to note — Listen.

of coincidences.

A couple of days back was watching this movie on one of the Zee network channels “Pati Patni aur Woh”. On one of the scenes sanjeev kumar holds his old 2 in one on his shoulders with the song going on “love to love ya baby” made famous by beyonce…but actually an old song. The coincidence here is i just downloaded the song a remix of the same by David Vendetta

Am reading this old book, one of the first books of John Grisham, – A Time to kill. Well yesterday we just watching some movie, well ma parents were watching, i just didnt have anything to do. And voila, a scene where a guy’s kid daughter gets raped, and he goes on to kill the guys who do that to her…

2 in two days..quite some..

Theory of relativity

Standin on andheri platform- the indicator says 1 minute and the train comes after 10.

talk abt keepin the customer informed.

Different worlds

What do you do when your heart says sorry but her mind doesnt accept it.

Latest and newest

Have heard this two words used so many times but some how doubt use it in the correct sense. Plus is newest even a word.

bargain basement..

got a new book today for a read…a time to kill – john grisham . The guy told me 80 bucks i sayd 50. then he says boss..80 bucks and when u return the book 60 bucks back…now thats an offer i cant refuse..