Monthly Archives: December 2007

Pee for Pleasure

I saw this a couple of days back and am sure i have seen this before as well. It stuck me the other day thats another story.

Travelling by train saw this man peeing on an electric sub box. The ones you see (red and black) boxes, i guess the proper term is junction boxes. Now only folks wit a really wierd pleasure principle would do it.

Imagine more than 400 volts going thru your penis while peeing. Wouldnt be a awesome before you die Moron..

Thing is i didnt see one person i saw another yesterday near mulund station. Now thats is something. One every day!!!! Hilarious…

PS – a couple f the only readers i have will not like reading this. But yeah take it in a comic sense will ya..


Old times.

It was feast mass today at my old parish so went there to wish the guys.

Its a quaint old place. An old suburb i guess where time has moved slowly than the others but its now trying catch up. Anyways attended choir practice, let say just was a by stander. They still sing well. Well thats my opinion.

It was a bit nostalgic. I have walked these streets before. Today was a different thing. I noticed these roads. Saw the shops. They changed over the years. Some for the best so not so..

Walked a while..wondered how it was when distances to everything were small. Ate 2 vada pavs and a sandwich. not exactly a sandwich but seems like one with a pav..tasted nothing like the one though tommy said it was the original. Except for the chutney nothing seemed like it.

For the love of god

I watched the movie “The Kingdom” and it scared me. Suicide Bombers it spoke about. Overall Typical American crap, however the scary part was at the end. After all the bazookas and everything finished, a boy comes from the backroom points a gun and shoots twice.

Could people be brainwashed to tie up a belt of explosives and walk into a crowd and detonate themselves. I dunno what they tell a person that he/she becomes capable enuf to do it. Is it anger is it the lure to get to heaven, or something else. I don’t know.

There is something else. You know, i know, we know but we walk everyday believing we are some kind of saints capable of nothing wrong. How wrong we are!!!!!!

Truth hurts

Ok enuf of sucking in the stomach in front of the mirror. I gotta tell me self. I have become fat. Need to run to the gym soo.