is there anybody out there……

Its 9.30 pm… i am generally wid friends at this time, today am just about at home. why i ask myself the question. I dont know as well. If i figure that out well good. actually am on the computer from the morning and i guess i have done nothing but talking to friends reading blogs..etc.

Very happy that gmail upgraded me to version 2.0. update my msg on gmail. A friend wondered what the fuss and asked me whats the story….. not really sure …

OpenSocial is out. Figuring i should start a technology blog..something like daily apps…this is an wonderful site by an indian..loved it actually. Have always felt technology blogs are hosted by mostly the american writers..hmmm good thought may i should start one meself…

Ok. what now…  

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  • Sam  On November 10, 2007 at 10:15 am

    Funny though it may sound, im missing ur blogs….

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