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of Evading Notice……….of the trained eye!!

Traveling by the Western line got down at Adh to get to work. Have to take bridge to cross to the other side. so i walked up the bridge, the familiar walking, the bustling crowds and all. i got on the main walkaway.

I was walking behind this girl. She had an attractive body i must say ..but the point of view was from the behind lolzz.. just then i looked up. There always a line of TC’s spread across the walkaways to check tickets. This girl suddenly faked left then turned right. Big mistake is guess. One of the TC’s already noticed that fake. She didn’t pull it off well. Actually she shouldn’t have done it anyways. Anyways the TC looked her and assumed that she was trying to get away and he followed her.

Now if that was the fake…meaning she wid a valid ticket attracting attention to let someone slip it would have been sucessful. i was walking just behind her, no one checked me..Ne ways i didnt know what was the issue, and i cant assume she was trying to go without ticket.


I dont know………………..

Its a real lonely Diwali holidays this time around.

is there anybody out there……

Its 9.30 pm… i am generally wid friends at this time, today am just about at home. why i ask myself the question. I dont know as well. If i figure that out well good. actually am on the computer from the morning and i guess i have done nothing but talking to friends reading blogs..etc.

Very happy that gmail upgraded me to version 2.0. update my msg on gmail. A friend wondered what the fuss and asked me whats the story….. not really sure …

OpenSocial is out. Figuring i should start a technology blog..something like daily apps…this is an wonderful site by an indian..loved it actually. Have always felt technology blogs are hosted by mostly the american writers..hmmm good thought may i should start one meself…

Ok. what now…  

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